Cosmic Bowling Bowler

Just When You Thought Bowling Couldn’t Get Any Better; It Just Did

One of the most rewarding feelings in bowling is when a bowler throws a strike. Take that feeling and multiply it by 100, as the party goes on around you at Santa Clarita Lanes.

The lights are focused on you and your group; the music playing on the speakers that makes you want to dance even more after each ball you’ve thrown; it makes you feel like a rockstar.

Our Cosmic Bowling takes place on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s a popular event, which means that wait times are possible at the center. But, no need to worry – you can make a reservation request to save your lanes (no less than three days in advance) for you and your group.

As an added bonus, Cosmic Bowling shifts between Saturdays and Sundays every week from noon until 5 p.m.

It’s simple! Show up, get your hour on the lanes, order food and drinks, and bowl the night away.

See you shortly!